Piki and Viki

Two little mice called Piki and Viki were playing tag in the forest. Piki’s fur was completely black and Viki’s was gray. The two mice chased each other around the forest. They rushed around here and there, running among trees, rocks, and tree stumps. Piki and Viki were so focused on playing that they didn’t notice a white mouse’s tail that curled out from behind a big mushroom. Piki ran over the white tail first. A pained cry came from behind the mushroom. Viki came second and also ran over the white tail. Again there was a cry from behind the mushroom. After the cry, the mice could hear sobbing. Piki and Viki stopped and circled behind the mushroom. Who was hiding there? Behind the mushroom sat a small baby mouse with snow-white fur. The baby mouse was crying and holding its tail. “I’m sorry,” said Piki. “I’m sorry,” said Viki. “Does it hurt bad?” asked Piki. “We didn’t mean to step on your tail,” Viki explained. Both mice were worried about the white mouse’s tail, which had swollen red from the accident. It must have hurt very much. “What is your name?” Piki and Viki asked. “My name is Snow,” the small white mouse answered. Snow wiped the tears away and said: “My tail is sore, but it doesn’t hurt that much anymore.” My name is Piki,” said Piki. “My name is Viki,” said Viki. “Do you want to come and play tag with us?” Piki asked. “Yes!” Snow said happily and forgot all about the sore tail. “I can be ‘it’,” Viki yelled and started chasing the other mice. Piki and Snow ran away laughing.
The three mice had a great time playing tag together in the forest. When the mice got tired from all the running, they looked for nuts. They curled up on a piece of moss to munch on their nuts. “My family and I moved here yesterday from the other side of the forest,” Snow said while eating. Piki and Viki got so exited that they wanted to introduce their part of the forest to Snow right away. They showed Snow the stream, the big rock, and the great hollow tree trunk, which you could climb into. Piki and Viki showed their new friend the best hiding places and the best spots to play in. Of course, the places for playing had to be tested right away. Late in the evening the mice finally returned home. Piki and Viki asked Snow to come and play with them the next day, too. Snow said yes. All three mice ran to their nests to sleep. Soon the small mice were fast asleep. Tomorrow would be a new day for more play.

Kirjoittanut Päivi Honkakoski

Have you ever had to apologize to someone? Why?
In what kind of situations should you apologize?
What does it feel like to move to a new place where everything is new?
Was Snow happy when Piki and Viki asked it to play with them?

Invent a situation where you must apologize. Present it to the others.
Draw a picture of Piki and Viki worrying about Snow’s tail.