Troll Tag

It was early in the morning and there was nobody at the playground. A small forest troll spotted an opportunity to go for a sand bath in the children’s sand pit. When a troll takes a sand bath, it rolls and wallows in the sand. The sand cleans the troll’s fur. Some birds, such as sparrows, also enjoy sand baths, although birds have feathers, not fur. Have you ever seen a troll or a bird in a sand bath? It looks funny! But now back to the story: It was early in the morning and the troll was still rolling in the sand. It didn’t hear the approaching steps. Suddenly, it noticed two kids walking into the playground. The troll wouldn’t be able to run away unnoticed anymore. It dug itself into the sand, all the way up to its nose. The troll hid its head under an orange plastic bucket that was lying in the sand pit. From under the bucket, the troll looked for the perfect moment to slip away. Trolls don’t like showing themselves to people.
Jack and Evan came to the sand pit. “Let’s start building a sand castle!” Evan suggested. “No, let’s play tag!” Jack answered. “No, let’s build a sand castle!” Evan insisted. “No, let’s play tag!” Jack continued. “Sand castle!” “Tag!” “Sand castle!” “Tag!” The small troll followed the argument from under the bucket. The sand started to tickle the troll’s nose. “Sand castle!” “Tag!” “Sand castle!” “Tag!” The boys continued to argue next to the sand pit. Suddenly the troll jumped out of the sand. “Don’t just stand there and argue for the whole day! Take turns!” the troll snapped and marched away in front of the two amazed boys. The boys looked at each other and yelled: “TAG!” Then they both jumped after the troll. The troll noticed the boys and sprinted away. Trolls can always get away from humans. That’s why they are seen so rarely. Jack and Evan gave up the chase when the troll disappeared into the forest. Troll tag was no fun without a troll.
The boys returned to the sand pit and started to build a sand castle. “You know, that troll was right about us taking turns in playing,” Jack said. “Yes it was,” Evan agreed. “It’s dumb to argue about what we should do. Do you want to play soccer later today? I have a new ball,” he continued. “Yes!” Jack shouted: “And then tomorrow we could build a race track for our play cars. Or an obstacle course, where we play horses and jump over the obstacles ourselves.” The boys went on, happily inventing all different kinds of games and deciding to try them out in turns.

Kirjoittanut Päivi Honkakoski

Do you think the troll was correct when it said that it was useless to argue for the entire day and that it would make more sense to play both suggested games in turn?
What might happen if two people argue about what to do for a long time?

Count how many games you can think of (tag, hide-and-seek…)
Everyone who wants to suggest a game writes his or her name on a little piece of paper. Put the pieces of paper in a hat. Draw out one name and the person whose name is drawn from the hat gets to decide what game is played.