Fairy Princess Olivia

Olivia the fairy princess was famous throughout Fairyland because of her skilled hands. She could knit silk from meadow fluff, which was as light as the summer breeze and as soft as the clouds in the air. Olivia made fabric from raindrops and sunshine, and whoever saw the fabric could not stop staring at it in amazement. Everyone around the world wanted to order this magical fabric. The Rainbow Queen wanted to make a dress out of it. The Castle on Magic Mountain needed a new tapestry, and the King of the Sea desired a new cloak in his underwater kingdom. And Olivia was very happy to make their wishes come true. In the summer, she loved to sit in the meadow, listen to the birds singing, and knit beautiful fabrics. The princess knitted her own laughter and joy into the fabric, which made the owner always happy.
Even Gorgor the evil goblin had heard about the magical fabric. The goblin was greedy. The fabric wasn’t enough. He also wanted the knitter, so no one else could have the same fabric as him. So one night, the goblin tiptoed into the princess’s palace, stuffed Olivia into a big bag, and hurried away cackling. The other fairies chased Gorgor, but the goblin slipped into his cave and disappeared into its underground tunnels. Gorgor chained the fairy princess in a small dark cave and commanded her: “Knit me some fabric!” For material, the goblin tossed her some wolf hair. Olivia knitted in tears. She made a cloak out of the wolf hair and decorated it with her own tears and the stray beams of moonlight that had found their way into the cave. The cloak was gloomy, but beautiful. Gorgor loved it, but he still didn’t let Olivia leave the cave. He didn’t want anyone else to get such gorgeous fabric. But Olivia had put all her sadness and tears into the cloak, so whenever Gorgor wore the cloak, his dry, little goblin heart filled up with sadness. Slowly, the goblin was filled with a new sensation: a bad conscience. Gorgor finally understood that he had done something bad by capturing the fairy princess. The goblin set Olivia free and showed her the way back outside to the light. All of Fairyland celebrated Olivia’s return.
No one ever saw Gorgor again. No one knew what happened to him. Some claimed that Gorgor was dead, and some that he had moved far, far away. The day after the princess was set free, she found a pile of jewels in front of her door. Olivia thought that the jewels were an apology from Gorgor. The fairy princess knit a lovely fabric out of flowers and jewels and spread it out in the main hall. There it shone and radiated beauty and happiness to everyone. Through the jewels, even the goblin did something beautiful in his life.

Kirjoittanut Päivi Honkakoski

Why did the goblin get a bad conscience?
What does a bad conscience mean?
What other kinds of things, big or small, could a person get a bad conscience from?
The fairy was sad in the dark cave, and happy when she was free. What kind of things make you happy or sad?

Draw a line in the middle of a paper. On the other side, draw the fairy princess happily in Fairyland. Onto the other side, draw Olivia being sad in Gorgor’s cave.