Bouncy’s Problem

A small Easter bunny called Bouncy hopped happily into Matthew’s room. The bunny was dragging a huge Easter egg. Little Bouncy was very proud of himself. This was the first ever Easter that the little bunny had been allowed to give out Easter eggs. The bunny thought he had managed very well. Bouncy had saved a huge Easter egg for last. The older and more experienced Easter bunnies had told him to give out the big eggs first and save the small ones for last. But Bouncy had decided to save this huge egg for last.
Bouncy hopped into the dark room. Matthew was sleeping calmly in his bed. A small night light at floor level brought a little bit of light into the room. Bouncy crept closer to the bed with his big Easter egg. He saw a toy car, a toy train, and the bedspread on the floor. But where was the sock? The bunny let go of the chocolate egg for a moment and hopped around the bed. Had Matthew left out a sock for the Easter egg? There it was! The little bunny dragged the egg next to the sock, which had blue and white stripes. Then he started to stuff the Easter egg into the sock. But the sock was very small and the egg very big. No matter how hard the bunny tried, he couldn’t get the egg inside the sock. The little Easter bunny took a break and leaned on the egg, breathless. What now? Bouncy examined the tiny sock and the large Easter egg. Then he tried again. Go on! Get in there! But it didn’t work. The chocolate egg was simply too big. Now Bouncy understood why the big eggs should have been used first. A small chocolate egg would fit easily, even if the last sock happened to be tiny. Bouncy sat down to think. The Easter bunny training had taught him to put the Easter eggs into socks. But what if the egg wouldn’t fit in a sock? Nothing had been said about that. Bouncy thought of different solutions. Could the chocolate egg simply be taken away? No, Matthew would be disappointed in the morning. Could the sock be placed on top of the egg as a sort of blanket? Bouncy picked up the sock and spread it on top of the egg. No, that looked stupid. Then Bouncy came up with a solution: he needed another piece of clothing! The little Easter bunny searched the floor. There were no clothes there. Then he jumped on a chair. Yes! Matthew’s t-shirt! Bouncy dragged the shirt over to the Easter egg and stuffed the egg inside the shirt. The bunny stepped back and evaluated the result. A shirt wasn’t the same as a sock, but it would serve the same purpose. “Happy Easter,” Easter bunny Bouncy whispered into Matthew’s ear as the boy slept. Then the bunny hopped away, satisfied, because he had figured out a solution to the problem.

Kirjoittanut Päivi Tuulikki Koskela

What could Bouncy have done if he hadn’t found Matthew’s shirt?
Have you ever had to figure out a problem? What problem?

Jump around like a little bunny. Quietly! Easter bunnies have to jump around quietly so they won’t wake up the children.